Aisan at a Glance

Aisan's Technology: Supporting the future of vehicles and the earth

Our products at Aisan have been integrated into one-third of the world's automobiles. With the rapid growth in the diversification of energy sources, we take an important role, progress in technological development matching the market's changes and next-generation mobility. We will continue to grow in the face of adversity.

Company Data

  • Net Sales (biliion yen)
  • Sales Trends
    Sales Trends
  • Number of employees
    10,459 (consolidated)/3,147 (Non-consolidated)
    • Established
    • Capital Stock (billion yen)
    • Japan
      6 sites (5 subsidiaries/1 associated company)
    • Overseas
      23 sites (23 subsidiaries)

Bases in Japan

  • Headquarters / Honsha Plant
    Obu City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Anjo Plant
    Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Toyota Plant
    Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Hirose Technical Center
    Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

Global Business Development

Progress of AISAN

Product Development for Reduction of CO2 throughout the earth

  • Making Safe and Comfortable Cars
    Making full use of the engine control technology we have cultivated over the years, our aim is to manufacture products that are efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly. We will continue to take on challenges to achieve higher efficiency, smaller parts and lighter weight by combining all kinds of technology.
  • Realizing a Mobility Society
    We make full use of our wide range of know-how we have accumulated by developing gas fuel system products. We develop products for a sustainable society, such as hydrogen injectors which have been built-in to fuel cell vehicles.
  • Creating a Car's Individuality
    Calibration refers to "giving a car personality" that matches the needs, by conducting countless road tests and data analysis. Under a multitude of different conditions, we provide powerful engine performance coupled with a comfortability.