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Products and Systems for Internal Combustion Engines

The history of automobile development is also the history of the improvement of fuel efficiency. While a general gasoline engine has an thermal efficiency of 35% to 40%, energy has been poured into the development of innovative technology that aims to realize a maximum thermal efficiency of 50%. We will continue to make efforts in making products smaller and lighter, and by manufacturing safe, comfortable, environmentally-friendly products, we will contribute to the further evolution of internal combustion engines.

Products and Systems for Internal Combustion Engines

  • Fuel Pump
    A product with a built-in fuel pump module, sending fuel from the tank to the engine. Demands have been increasing for a brushless type with a longer service life and is highly effective for improving fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel Pump Module
    Fuel pump module is composed with parts such as a pump for feeding fuel to the engine, a pressure regulator to keep the pressure of the fuel, a sender gauge to measure the remaining amount of fuel and a filter to filter the fuel. Those with controllers that further helps the improvement of fuel efficiency through pump flow control is also increasing.
  • Throttle Body
    Provides comfortable drivability by controlling the amount of air drawn into the engine.
  • EGR Valve
    Recirculates exhaust gas such as NOx (nitrogen oxides), and contributes to improving fuel efficiency and purification of exhaust gas. There is also the DC motor, which is highly effective in improving fuel efficiency.
  • Intake Manifold
    Contributes to comfortable drivability by controlling the air flow drawn into the engine.
  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve
    Prevents air-fuel mixture in engine from leaking out to the air.
  • Charcoal Canister & Fuel Tank Close Valve
    Prevents emissions of fuel evaporative gas generated in the fuel tanks and piping, which may cause air pollution.
  • Engine Valve
    Opens and closes the inlet and exhaust port of the engine combustion chamber. In order to follow the high speed rotation of the engine in a high temperature environment, heat resistance and wear resistance is required.

Products for Motorcycle

  • FI systems for small motorcycles
    It is simple, compact and light fuel injection system for motorcycle use. As emissions regulations are strengthened, the demand of the system is expected in emerging countries.
  • Titanium alloy engine valve for motorcycle
    Titanium alloy engine valve is light-weighted and high strength valve used for sports motorcycle and racing motorcycle.
  • Chacoal Canister for Motorcycle
    Prevents emissions of evaporation gas generated in fuel tanks and piping which caused air pollution. Light, compact and excellent for equipping.


Fuel efficient EGR valves

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) that contributes to improving fuel efficiency and cleaning emission gas has been equipped on a wide range of cars, from small ones to big ones. Our company responds to needs with two main components: a step motor that offers an excellent balance of cost and performance, and a high function type with flow and high response.