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Date Hilights
FEB 2013 Established AISAN AUTO PARTES MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V in San Luis Potosi City, Mexico
DEC 2011 Established AISAN CORPORATION ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED in Bangkok, Thailand
AUG 2011 Established AISAN AUTO PARTS INDIA PVT. LTD. in Andhra Pradesh, India
JUL 2008 Established AISAN KUMAMOTO CO., LTD. in Tamana, Kumamoto
AUG 2006 Established AISAN CORPORATION GAUANGZHOU CO., LTD. in Gauangzhou, China
AUG 2005 Established TK CARBURETTOR (NINGBO) CO., LTD. in Ningbo, China
MAY 2004 Established AISAN (FOSHAN) AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. in Foshan, China
MAR 2004 Established AISAN CORPORATION EUROPE S.A. in Belgium
JUL 2003 Established AISAN (TIANJIN) AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. in Tianjin, China
JUN 2003 Set up PARIS Office
JAN 2003 Set up BRUSSELS Office
SEP 2002 Established AISAN BITRON LOUNY S.R.O. (AISAN INDUSTRY LOUNY s.r.o. at present) in Louny, Czech
MAY 2002 Set up SHANGHAI Office
AUG 2001 Certificated QS9000 at TOYOTA Plant
MAR 2001 Listed on First Section of Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges
DEC 2000 Certificated ISO14001 at ANJO Plant
OCT 2000 Certificated ISO14001 at HEADQUARTERS and HONSHA Plant
SEP 2000 Established AISAN BITRON CZECH S.R.O. (AISAN INDUSTRY CZECH S.R.O. at present) in Louny, Czech
AUG 2000 Invested in capitals to BITRON FRANCE S.A. (AISAN INDUSTRY FRANCE S.A. at present) in Nevers, France
JUL 2000 Certificated QS9000 at ANJO Plant
MAR 2000 Listed on Second Sections of Tokyo Stock Exchanges
NOV 1999 Set up HAMAMATSU Sales Office
OCT 1999 Certificated ISO14001 at TOYOTA Plant
JUN 1998 Certificated ISO9001 at ANJO Plant
MAR 1997 Invested in capitals to HYUNDAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. in Korea
JAN 1997 Established P.T. AISAN NASMOCO INDUSTRI in West Java, Indonesia
DEC 1995 Established TIANJIN AISAN AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO., LTD. in Tianjin, China
SEP 1994 Invested in capitals to CHONGQING PINGSHAN TK CARBURETOR CO., LTD. in China
APR 1993 Set up KOREA Office
NOV 1992 Awarded the Deming Prize for outstanding quality control
MAY 1990 TOYOTA Plant began operation
OCT 1988 Set up EUROPE Office in Dusseldorf, Germany
MAR 1988 Awarded the Ford Q-1 Prize for outstanding quality control
SEP 1984 Started production of fuel injectors
FEB 1984 Set up HIROSHIMA Sales Office
APR 1983 Started production of electric fuel pumps
AUG 1982 Established AISAN CORPORATION OF AMERICA in Illinois, USA
AUG 1981 Started production of throttle bodies
NOV 1980 Listed on Second Sections of Nagoya Stock Exchanges
JUL 1980 Started production of resin canisters
OCT 1979 Awarded the P.M. Distinguished Plant Prize for outstanding plant maintenance
MAR 1978 Set up US Office
JUL 1972 Set up OSAKA Sales Office
MAR 1971 ANJO Plant began operation
JUL 1964 Set up TOKYO Office
SEP 1962 Started production of LPG carburetors
AUG 1960 Started production of engine valves
NOV 1957 HEADQUARTERS and HONSHA Plant moved to the present location of Obu
OCT 1945 Started production of automotive parts including carburetors
DEC 1938 Company established in Mizuho-ku, Nagoya to manufacture war supplies

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