• DEC 1938
    Company established in Mizuho-ku, Nagoya to manufacture war supplies
    The original investors in our company were companies located in Aichi and Mie Prefectures, so we took first kanji from both prefectures and named the company Aisan Industry.
  • MAY 1939
    Operations began at the Horita Plant
  • AUG 1945
    Closed the plant temporary in the postwar period
  • OCT 1945
    Started production of automotive parts including carburetors
    Taizo Ishida, our second president and also the former president of Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Industries Corporation, worked hard to reopen the plant. The automobile parts manufacturing business was transferred from Toyota Industries Corporation, and production restarted just one and half months after the plant closed.
  • SEP 1947
    Started production of SA-type automobile carburetors
  • JUN 1948
    Started production of spinning machine parts (- 1958)
  • NOV 1953
    Production and sales of bicycle engin, Aisan motors (- 1954)
    A Technology provision agreement was concluded with Rohmann, Germany, and the production and sales of the Spit AS Type bicycle engine began. This was "the ultimate engin" with a variable compression mechanism and premix compression hypergolic system, but the production stopped after only 1 year due to a variety of problems including those with its start-up performance and durability in low temperatures. It became an illusory engine.
  • DEC 1954
    Production and sales of household LP gas regulators (- 1960)
  • JAN 1955
    Started the production of Crown carburetors
  • OCT 1956
    Foundation of the in-house newsletter, "Aisan Shinpo"
  • APR 1957
    Skill training center (currently, Aisan Academy) established
  • NOV 1957
    HEADQUARTERS and HONSHA Plant moved to the present location of Obu
    Predicting the arrival of an era of private cars, we transferred and built our plant in Obu City, Aichi Prefecture, in which our headquarters is currently located.
  • OCT 1958
    First exhibition in the 5th All-Japan Automobile Show (current Tokyo Motor Show)
  • DEC 1958
    In-house die casting began
  • APR 1960
    Organization of suppliers, Aikyokai established
  • AUG 1960
    Started production of engine valves
  • SEP 1962
    Started production of LPG regulators
  • JUL 1964
    Set up TOKYO Office
    This office was established to handle negotiations with various government agencies. Its importance as a base for expanding sales, and the office was transferred to Yaesu in 1966, renamed as the Tokyo Branch Office and used to develop systems.
  • FEB 1966
    Acquired TK CARBURETTOR CO., LTD. as a subsidiary
  • MAR 1966
    Started production on Corolla carburetors
    With the arrival of the rapid economic growth, the first Corolla, arriving in the middle of an explosive increase of automobile sales, exceeded 1 million total units produced. For two years, carburetor production in our company almost doubled due to a sudden increase in demand, and our plant expanded.
  • JUL 1968
    Introduced the Kanban system
  • MAR 1971
    ANJO Plant began operation
    In order to respond to a sudden increase in demand for engine valves, we established a new plant in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture.
  • JUN 1971
    Started production of canisters

Conversion to electronic control components 1970s -

  • AUG 1976
    Started production of mechanical fuel pumps on mechanical fuel pumps
  • OCT 1979
    Awarded the P.M. Distinguished Plant Prize for outstanding plant maintenance
  • MAY 1980
    Established AIKYO SANGYO CO., LTD.
  • JUL 1980
    Started production of resin canisters
  • AUG 1980
    Started production on N-type carburetors始
  • NOV 1980
    Listed on Second Sections of Nagoya Stock Exchanges
    In order to expand trust from society as a company and to expand our funding sources, we applied for listing on Nagoya Stock Exchange. We were listed on the Stock Exchange on the 42th year since our foundation (capital: 1.15 billion yen).
  • AUG 1981
    Started production of throttle bodies
  • MAR 1982
    Capital participation in Miyama Seiko Co., Ltd.
  • APR 1982
    Started production on V-type carburetors
    The V-type carburetors were developed in order to achieve high-performance carburetors that rivaled electric control fuel injection products. With an increased acceleration performance and a reduction of 20% or more in weight achieved by using aluminum throughout the whole product, its performance was highly praised.
  • AUG 1982
    Established AISAN CORPORATION OF AMERICA in Illinois, USA
  • DEC 1982
    Started production on electric control feedback carburetors
  • APR 1983
    Started production of electric fuel pumps
    In 1980s, there were signs of electronic control fuel injection products gaining popularity . In order to respond to their expansion, we developed an in-tank electric fuel pump, and started to mass-produce about 10,000 pumps monthly.
  • SEP 1984
    Started production of fuel injectors
  • OCT 1984
  • FEB 1988
    Acquired Nippon Choko Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary
  • OCT 1988
    Set up EUROPE Office in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • APR 1989
    After Toyota Motor Corporation started producing engines locally, we built our first overseas plant in Franklin, Kentucky. The number of employees was 22 at the time it was established, but now the plant is a large base with around 700 employees.

To a global company 1990s -

  • MAY 1990
    TOYOTA Plant began operation
    In order to respond to future increases in the amount of injector production, future reorganization of production systems (including the Honsha Plant), and future expansion of electronic control fuel injection products, we have established a new plant in Nishihirose industrial park in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.
  • OCT 1990
    Formulated management principles
  • JUL 1992
    A member of Aisan who is a cyclist participated in Barcelona Olympics
    The entire company was thrilled at the fact that Koki Tanaka from our company participated in the Olympics Games. The whole company was engulfed in the heated atmosphere of the Olympics, by interacting with day-to-day coverage, dispatching fan groups to Barcelona, and by holding a company-wide send-off party.
  • NOV 1992
    Awarded the Deming Prize for outstanding quality control
  • JAN 1993
    Acquired Chukyojig Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary
  • APR 1993
    Set up KOREA Office
  • OCT 1994
    Invested in capitals to CHONGQING PINGSHAN TK CARBURETOR CO., LTD. in China
  • DEC 1995
    Established TIANJIN AISAN AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO., LTD. in Tianjin, China
  • JUN 1996
    Started the Engine Callibration Operations
    Our engine callibration technologies accumulated through carburetors and technologies related to electronic control fuel injection systems were praised, and we were entrusted with callibration operations by Toyota Motor Corporation . We provide testing facilities that rival that of automobile manufacturers, and play a role in development.
  • JAN 1997
    Established P.T. AISAN NASMOCO INDUSTRI in West Java, Indonesia
  • MAR 1997
    Invested in capitals to HYUNDAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. in Korea
  • APR 1998
    Started production of fuel pump modules
  • JUN 1998
    Certificated ISO9001 at ANJO Plant
  • AUG 1998
    Started production of titan engine valves
  • OCT 1999
    Set up HAMAMATSU Sales Office
  • MAR 2000
    Listed on Second Sections of Tokyo Stock Exchanges
  • APR 2000
    Started production on admission modules
  • MAY 2000
    Started production on linkless electronic throttle bodies
  • SEP 2000
    Invested in capitals to BITRON FRANCE S.A. (AISAN INDUSTRY FRANCE S.A. at present) in Nevers, France
  • SEP 2000
    Established AISAN BITRON CZECH S.R.O. (AISAN INDUSTRY CZECH S.R.O. at present) in Louny, Czech Republic
  • OCT 2000
    Certificated QS9000 at ANJO Plant
  • MAR 2001
    Listed on First Section of Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges
  • JAN 2002
    Our long distance team participation in New Year Ekiden
    Our team won the preliminary in the Chubu region, and for the first time, participated in annual New Year Ekiden on New Year's Day. Since then, we have appeared in the Ekiden consecutively.
  • APR 2002
    Established the production company, SHENYANG XUANTAN AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO., LTD., in China
  • JUN 2002
    Established the production company, IHD Industries, in India
  • SEP 2002
    Started to produce resin intake manifolds
  • JUL 2003
    Established AISAN (TIANJIN) AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. in Tianjin, China
  • MAR 2004
    Established AISAN CORPORATION EUROPE S.A. in Belgium
  • APR 2004
    Established Hyundam America Inc. in the U.S.
  • MAY 2004
    Established AISAN (FOSHAN) AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. in Foshan, China
  • DEC 2004
    Opened public bathhouse,"Kakitsubata"
    Our group company, Aikyo Sangyo, has started a bathing facility in Kariya city, Aichi prefecture. Many customers are visiting the facility as a place of rest and relaxation for local people
  • AUG 2005
    Established TK CARBURETTOR (NINGBO) CO., LTD. in Ningbo, China
  • MAY 2006
    Established the production company, Hyundam Slovakia in Slovakia
  • JUL 2006
    Received the Prime Minister Award for promoting a green factory
  • AUG 2006
    Established AISAN CORPORATION GAUANGZHOU CO., LTD. in Gauangzhou, China
  • JUL 2008
    Established AISAN KUMAMOTO CO., LTD. in Tamana, Kumamoto

For Further Growth 2010s -

  • FEB 2011
    Received the Technology & Development Award for our engine valve production lines from Toyota Motor Corporation
  • JUL 2011
    Established AISAN AUTO PARTS INDIA PVT. LTD. in Andhra Pradesh, India
  • DEC 2011
    Established AISAN CORPORATION ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED in Bangkok, Thailand
  • FEB 2013
    Established AISAN AUTO PARTES MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V in San Luis Potosi City, Mexico
  • SEP 2013
    Received Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award for our employment of handicapped persons
  • MAR 2015
    Recognized as AGP (Alliance Growth Partner) by Renault/Nissan Group
    Our throttle body was praised for "achieving No.1 global shares thanks to high performance of QCD," and we were recognized as the best supplier.
  • FEB 2016
    Hyundam Industrial Co., Ltd., our production company in South Korea, received the Best Supplier Award from Daimler
  • SEP 2016
    Concluded a technology support agreement with FIEM in India for motorbike canisters
  • AUG 2017
    Started Hirose Technical Center
    We have established a research & development base in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture that has integrated reliability test facilities for all products that our company develops and produces. Thanks to integrated control through computers, long-term consecutive operations have become possible, contributing to a speed up in development.
  • NOV 2017
    Developed LPG hybrid fuel systems
    Our new LPG hybrid fuel system was used for Toyota Motor Corporation's "JPN TAXI."
  • MAR 2018
    Established Aisan Sales India Pvt. Ltd. in Gurugram, India
  • APR 2018
    Acquisition of naming rights of Obu Workers' Cultural Hall
    We were selected as a naming rights partner of Obu Workers' Cultural Hall (nickname, Aisan Hall). We keep on contributing to the cultural and sports activities in communities.
  • JUN 2018
    Formulated a Health Declaration
  • JUN 2018
    Established AISAN FIEM Automotives India Pvt. Ltd. with FIEM Industries Ltd. in India
  • DEC 2018
    80th anniversary of the establishment
  • FEB 2019
    Be certified the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program for the first time
  • MAY 2020
    Started the new Headquarters building
  • JAN 2021
    Formulated "VISION 2030"
  • APR 2021
    Formulated a Declaration on Diversity and Inclusion
  • NOV 2021
    Certificated ISO45001
  • APR 2022
    Selected Prime Market due to market restructuring by Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • JUN 2022
    Closed Joint Venture Agreement with FIEM Industries Ltd., purchased shares and changed the company name to Aisan Industry India Pvt. Ltd.
  • SEP 2022
    Completed the acquisition of fuel pump module business and 100% of the equity interests in a manufacturer in US from Denso Corporation