Purchasing policy and organization

Purchasing policy

1. Open purchasing
We select suppliers who are excellent in Q (Quality), C (Cost), D (Delivery) and technical development regardless of with or without past business dealings with us, or home or abroad.
2. Mutual development based on mutual trust
We quickly adopt suppliers' expertise-based proposals for improvement from product development phase through mass production for quality improvement and cost reduction to work on producing competitive products.
3. Promotion of localization
We promote expansion of local production to meet customers' needs. Upon local production, we prioritize local procurement of equipment, materials and components.
4. Compliance with the law
We comply with social norms, laws and regulations in our purchasing activities. Also, we pay adequate attention to handling confidential information of us and suppliers.


Name of section Scope of duties TEL
Purchasing Planning Sect. General administration of purchasing +81-562-48-6251
Domestic Parts Purchasing Sect. To purchase parts or finished goods from domestic suppliers +81-562-48-6350
Overseas Parts Purchasing Sect. To purchase parts or finished goods from overseas suppliers +81-562-48-6252
Equipment and Materials Purchasing Sect. To purchase necessary equipment, materials, and logistic service from domestic and overseas suppliers +81-562-48-6256

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