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Environmental Action

Aisan Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and manufacturing products that inspire its customers, particularly fluid control technologies for all power sources, and contributes to sustainable development of society and the Earth. The company is taking proactive steps to encourage and promote the protection of the environment, an issue that it has identified as one of the most important in its business operations.

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Environmental Action Policy

  • Aisan shall work to establish harmony with the regions and environments within which it is active, valuing dialog with local communities and respecting all laws and ordinances related to the environment, and shall contribute to a society that can co-exist with the nature.
  • Aisan shall establish objectives and targets for environmental conservation to improve environmental performance and shall maintain and manage them in keeping with an understanding that the need to minimize the environmental footprint of its business operations is one of its most important management challenges.
  • Aisan shall work actively to conserve energy and resources and to reduce the use of environmentally hazardous substances in its products and manufacturing practices in order to prevent pollution and help bring about a sustainable, recycling-based society.
    To this end, the company shall maintain an accurate understanding of the environmental impact of its business operations, products, and services.
  • Aisan shall encourage an increased awareness of the protection of the environment by ensuring that all employees have a thorough understanding of these policies, allowing them to become conscious of the environmental implications of their own actions and spurring them to take responsibility for improving the company‚Äôs environmental record on an ongoing basis.

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