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Nobuo Kobayashi, President
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued generous patronage of Aisan Industry Co., Ltd. and its group companies.
Herein I would like to present the "Fiscal Year 2014 First Half Financial Report" for you to review.

The economic outlook is likely to remain uncertain due to the economic trends of the United States and the concern over the deceleration in the growth of emerging countries.
Under these circumstances, we decided upon the following slogan for the 2014 fiscal year: "Value for Tomorrow - Excellent quality, Excellent products." We will also strive together towards the following goals:

1. Improvement of the attractiveness of main products
2. Promotion of systematization and development of new products
3. Strengthening of global supply capability

We look forward to your further support and guidance in the coming years.

Nobuo Kobayashi, President
November 2013

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